Virtual Flirtations

Whilst it does seem that there is finally some light appearing at the end of the tunnel, life still seems suspended in time. The monotony of routine reigns while we stay safe in our houses, reliving the same day again and again.

Now, more than ever, connection and conversation mean the world. While we may not be able to meet just yet, we can still brighten each other's days with a virtual flirtation and luxury (though distant) girlfriend experience... 

Textual Healing

Who doesn't love a bit of flirtatious texting? Let's get off to the perfect start with a good morning message and punctuate the rest of the day with charming repartee, overzealous emoji use and a surprise naughty picture or two... 

A Day - £100

3 Days - £250

7 Days - £500

Love Letters

You may have noticed from perusing my site, I have a penchant for the written word. I can't think of anything more thrilling than indulging in a love affair with both the English language and you. Let's emulate the romance of wartime sweethearts but in the modern medium of email. Write to me about anything and everything, and I'll reply in turn (most likely at great length).   

3 Love Letters Exchanged - £300

5 Love Letters Exchanged - £450

7 Love Letters Exchanged - £600

1 exchange includes your letter to me and my letter back. Exchanges can be over the course of one day or several. All responses will be carefully considered, thoughtful and probably the length of an undergraduate dissertation...

Long Distance Girlfriend

Let's take the plunge as long-distance lovers. A mix of texting/WhatsApp, daily photos, voice notes in my terribly posh accent, and good morning and bedtime wishes. 


Let's talk about everything from the nightmares of working at home to your post-lockdown dreams. Your deepest fears to your sexiest fantasies. I don't want small talk, I want big talk and I want it all.  

Girlfriend For a Day - £200

Girlfriend For Three Days - £500

Girlfriend For A Week - £1000