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The Finer Details

“I have grown to love secrecy. It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvelous to us. The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

All your burning questions answered...

What Are Your Stats?

I have always found the idea of listing one’s statistics to be rather odd. I am a living, breathing woman who is far more complex than a list of measurements. I am, however, a petite 5’2, with small, firm, natural breasts and a rather marvellous derrière sculpted by years of dance and hours spent in the weights room. As a competitive athlete, my physique fluctuates depending on the competitive season - at times I may be more curvaceous, and at others, I may be leaner, though am invariably between a UK size 6-8. I have no tattoos or daring piercings, just porcelain skin, untamable red hair and a bewitching smile.

How Do I Book A Date With You?

Well, you're best to RSVP here. First impressions are always important, and it would be lovely if you could include a little about yourself and your expectations for our date in your message to me. I really do love a plan, and while I don't expect a full itinerary, the more detail you give and the more thought out your note is the more excited to meet you I shall be. I do screen all my potential dates - a reference from another, well-established companion you have seen recently will do nicely, but please do ensure you have asked her permission first! If you are unable to provide a reference I will need either a form of personal identification or your LinkedIn profile/business website bio. These measures are simply for my safety and peace of mind. All your information will be kept private and secure, then destroyed after our meeting. Once we have both agreed to move forward with meeting each other (how wonderfully exciting!) I will require a non-refundable deposit* to secure your spot in my diary. Introductory Flirtations (90-minutes - 2-hours): £100 deposit Clandestine Meetings (3-hours - 16-hours): 25% deposit Illicit Adventures (24-hours upwards): 50% deposit The remainder of my consideration will be due at the beginning of our date in cash - please use a non-descript envelope or a gift bag if we are out and about. Longer dates can be fully paid via bank transfer, please ensure you have paid in advance of our meeting to ensure funds clear with plenty of time. *In the highly unlikely instance that I myself have to cancel, your deposit will of course be returned to you within 48hours.

What Do You Mean By ‘Girlfriend Experience’?

For whatever time we have together, I promise to be your secret girlfriend. By this I mean true, intimate companionship, minus the bickering and chores list. Laughter and romance. Dinner dates filled to the brim with flirtation, chemistry and glitter. Hours spent rolling in crisp sheets, intoxicated by each other’s bodies and fantasies. Whispered sweet nothings and philosophical pillow talk as we lay entwined in one another’s arms.

Do You Have A List Of Services?

I far prefer to see how our time together develops naturally. Great dates are all about connection and chemistry...not a list of acronyms found in a dark corner of the internet. If there is something specific you are hoping for in our meeting it’s best to let me know in your introductory message and I can let you know if that’s something I would feel comfortable with or not. Please don't be shy, the worst I can do is say no.

Do You Offer Incalls?

I am delighted to now be able to host incalls in a lovely, discreet apartment in South Kensington for dates from 90-minutes up to 3-hours. I kindly request a minimum of 24 hours notice for hosting dates so I can ensure the apartment is available for us and to complete screening. My consideration is the same for both incalls and outcalls.

I’d Like To Get to Know You Better...May I?

Well, who wouldn’t? This is all about knowing each other after all. For a little more insight into my life, dreams and desires I suggest heading to my Musings. For a glimpse of my terrible sense of humour, I suggest following me on Twitter. And if you just want to see me prancing around in very little clothing I suggest you head here... Then of course, if you really want to get to know each other, the absolute best way is to meet me in person - longer dates are perfect for this.

Are You Willing To Travel Further Afield To Visit Me?

I absolutely love ‘fly me to you’ dates and am more than happy to discuss this with you. Travelling is truly my raison d'être, made all the better for sharing with a fellow adventure-seeker. I am currently available for UK countryside jaunts, and once the world opens up again, for worldwide travel. Please note that all travel costs will be in addition to my consideration and will need to be paid alongside my usual deposit once we have everything confirmed.

May I Buy You A Gift?

Well, that would be incredibly lovely! Gifts are absolutely not expected but always very gratefully received. If you would like to bring something to our date I always adore flowers (especially tulips), rosé champagne, unusual succulents and candles. As a woman with an eclectic array of loves including everything from high fashion to gym apparel, a gift card is often the best choice to truly spoil me. Some of my favourites include Ryderwear, MatchesFashion, Net-A-Porter, Harrods, Selfridges and Fleur Of England. Oh, and I’m particularly happy when I’m well-fed so a Waitrose voucher will most certainly earn you an exceptionally enthusiastic thank you...

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

I do understand that sometimes life throws unexpected things in our way, and emergencies happen. For dates up to and including 16hours:
If you do need to cancel and provide more than 24hour's notice, I will hold onto your deposit for a future rescheduled date. Unfortunately, if you give me less than 24hour's notice of cancellation you will forfeit the full deposit. If you wish to reschedule you will be expected to make a deposit again. For longer dates, travel and FMTY:
If you do need to cancel and provide more than 48hour's notice, I will hold onto your deposit for a future rescheduled date. Travel expenses will either need to be paid again for our rescheduled date or the difference in cost covered for changing the ticket to our newly agreed date. Unfortunately, if you give me less than 48hour's notice of cancellation you will forfeit the full deposit. If you wish to reschedule you will be expected to make a deposit again along with any travel expenses.
In the very unlikely event that I have to cancel our meeting, your deposit will of course be promptly returned to you within 48hours, in full, unless you would like me to hold it and reschedule.