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Travel Companionship

Look, I'm on a boat - a 'ship' - a companionship - ya get it?

Grab your passport...

There's nothing I love more than an adventure. Be it a countryside jaunt, a European city break or escaping further afield, I can't wait to run away with you and make treasured memories together.

Travel Likes:

Hiking, golden sunsets, spa days, discovering hidden streets, mooching around museums & galleries, exploring local cuisine, immersing myself in local cultures, snorkelling, sailing, being by or in the sea as much as possible, visiting historical sites, fossil hunting, foraging, breakfast in bed, al fresco cocktails, skinny dipping in our very own pool...

The list is almost endless - as long as there is adventure and mischief you can count me in!

CassandraGray FMTY Escort.jpg

Travel Wishlist

A non-exhaustive list of places that have captured my heart and fired up my free-spirit. Some I have been lucky enough to visit before, others are waiting to be explored...


  • Paris

  • Anywhere in Italy

  • Berlin

  • Croatia

  • Peru

  • Mexico

  • Ecuador & The Galapagos

  • South Africa

  • Canada

  • Jordan

  • Oman

  • Indonesia

  • Singapore

  • The Seychelles

  • The Maldives

  • The Bahamas

To be honest...spin a globe and stick a pin in it. Let's be wild and free together!

Travel Considerations:

A Weekend Getaway  -

48 hours of pure escapism

A Long Weekend Retreat -

72 hours for us to get away from it all


A Week Away -

7 days of adventure

Additional Days

Adventure is out there! How long shall we disappear for?

Additional Considerations:

Travel fees and any costs of required vaccinations or COVID tests are in addition to my rate. These costs will be requested alongside your deposit. 

For flights longer than 3-hours I kindly request that I fly business or first class. This allows me to arrive fresh, rested, and ready to dive in to our adventure. 

For shorter flights I am happy to fly economy, but a Club Europe or equivalent ticket will definitely earn you bonus points!

For train me to you adventures I kindly request a first class ticket. Again, this allows me to fully relax in preparation for our time together. 

As on all longer bookings I do need some quiet, personal time in order to recharge. An hour or so each day for me to go to the gym, check-in with family or just have a bath usually will suffice. 

Please also bear in mind that this little foodie needs to eat! Three meals a day and some snacks usually makes me a very happy bunny indeed.

In return for treating me well you might just catch me sunbathing nude and skinny dipping in the pool...


Travel Snapshots

Cassandra Gray St Lucia
Cassandra Gray Hiking
Cassandra Gray Beach
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