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Cassandra Gray Shadow Play 2

“Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Who am I?

I am Cassandra - Cassie to those that know me well - and it is truly wonderful to welcome you into my little, secret world as an elite London companion. I hope that by perusing my site you might gain a little insight into who I am, my passions and, most importantly, our compatibility.

Having on several occasions been accused of being just a touch verbose, let me try my best to describe myself without writing you a novel...

Cassandra Gray Shadow Play 6

At First Glance...

I am fair-skinned, with big blue eyes and delicate features thanks to my Celtic roots. I am petite yet feisty, thanks to a life spent in athletic pursuits - from dance to horse riding, hockey to weight lifting, I have always been devoted to honing my physique, challenging myself and feeding my competitive spirit.


A classic English rose (though I much prefer tulips when it comes to flowers), I am disarmingly sweet and demure at first glance, but take the time to know me and you’ll soon discover a sensual and mischievous minx behind closed doors. Vivacious and ambitious, well-spoken and well-heeled, adventurous and charming, these are just a few words that could be (and have been) used to describe me.

Deeper Insight

I grew up with the glorious freedom of the British countryside. While I’m dazzled by the bright lights of London where I now spend most of my days, I am a country girl at heart. I am just as at home on crisp, muddy walks culminating in a fireside tête-à-tête as I am in slick city haunts. Plus I think I look rather good in wellies. 

Privately educated and a proud holder of a First Class Honours degree, I possess a sharp and inquisitive mind. I am captivated by literature and guilty of reciting Hamlet if you ply me with enough red wine. My own personal library spans everything from the classics to murder mysteries, poetry to self-development. I have to admit that Anna Karenina is my nemesis though, having sat languishing on my bedside table for years, half-read and staring at me accusingly.


I simply adore the company of a refined, older gentleman. A successful gentleman who knows what he wants out of life and knows how to treat a lady. I am extremely selective with who I meet, and I am sure you are the same. As a substance over style kind of woman, I care far more about making a true connection than a casual dalliance. Intelligence and humour are the two most attractive qualities in a man for me - if you possess both then I’m afraid I shall find you utterly irresistible. 

My greatest fear in life is mediocrity. I crave adventure and excitement with every fibre of my being and have a burning passion for exploring the endless possibilities and surprises life has to offer. I am all for taking the road less travelled in pursuit of joy, laughter, hedonism and experiences that set my soul on fire.


Why not join me for the ride?

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"Look at that butt, how is it real? It's like a cartoon drawing of a butt"

Timberly Williams

Lovely Things Gents Say...

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