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There's something deliciously sensual about food. Slurping oysters, flirting over tasting menus, experiencing delicacies together, post-dinner aperitifs - it's all very erotic to me. 

Food is my love language and I can't wait to share it with you. I'm often asked for recommendations so look no further for a veritable smorgasbord of delicious favourites...  

Favourite Restaurants


Restaurant Wishlist

We are extraordinarily lucky to have such a glorious restaurant scene in London, and I often feel spoiled for choice when asked for recommendations. There are, however, a few (haha there's loads) places that have been languishing on my list for a while now with menus that leave me salivating. Take me to one of these, and not only will you receive a preferential dinner date rate, but you'll also have a very enthusiastic showing of gratitude for dessert. I promise to be a delightful dinner companion, but can't promise not to take photos or make erotic food enjoyment noises. List alphabetised because I couldn't possibly be forced to pick a favourite.


  • Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester - One of only five London restaurants with three Michelin stars, this has to be the ultimate dining destination for us to discover together.

  • A.Wong - considering how much I love Chinese food, it's quite simply criminal that I haven't been here yet. Ideal for my longer dinner date option, let's tuck into the delectable 'Collections of China' tasting menu for a proper feast.

  • Core by Clare Smyth - emphasising simple, delicious and sustainable food, this multi-award-winning fine dining restaurant is at the very top of my list. One that needs plenty of planning as it understandably books up months in advance. We all know I love a planner!

  • Dinner by Heston - I've heard mixed reviews about Dinner, with some of my girlfriends loving it and others not so convinced by the hype. I now just want to go see for myself. Be a guinea pig with me?

  • Endo at The Rotunda - Now, I'm not normally a Giles Coren fan, but he claims the omakase experience at Endo was the most perfect meal he's eaten at a restaurant in 20 years of being a critic. So I think we should probably go see if he's telling the truth. In the name of science of course.

  • Evelyn's Table - this hidden gem has been on my radar for a few years. An intimate affair with just 12 seats at the chef's counter, it offers an ever-changing blind-tasting menu that seems like food exploration heaven to me!

  • Frog by Adam Handling - renowned for being all about the theatricality of food, Frog is one show we really must indulge in. Why not spoil ourselves to the tasting menu, packed full of dishes that have personal meaning to Chef Adam Handling, for the true experience?

  • Ikoyi - Spend some time getting to know me and I am sure at some point I shall regale you with tales of my time spent in West Africa. Better yet, take me to Ikoyi and you can listen to me reminisce over a modern twist on beloved West African cuisine.

  • Kitchen Table - I'm a sucker for a chef's table experience. There's something about the cosy intimacy, the voyeurism of watching food being prepared for you and the passionate descriptions from talented chefs that gets me going. Kitchen Table is a wonderful low key way to experience this together, with two Michelin stars and a daily changing menu.

  • KOL - A trip to Mexico has long been on my travel wish list, but in the meantime I would really like to get at least a taste for it at Kol. Plus you can laugh at me trying to elegantly eat a taco. Spoiler alert: it is impossible. (An actual taco, you pervert. Though why not invite one of my gorgeous friends for more taco eating back in our room...)

  • Luca - I recognise that the vast amount of sushi places on this list would make you think otherwise, but Italian food is my absolute favourite. Awarded a Michelin star this year, Luca presents British-sourced food through an Italian lens. And looking through that lens looks delicious.

  • Muse by Tom Aikens - a seasonally driven menu from one of the UK's most acclaimed chefs. Let's eat and be inspired.

  • Restaurant Story - there is nothing about the delightfully whimsical Restaurant Story that doesn't appeal to me. There is no menu on arrival, instead, Sellers offers a six-course story telling dining experience. Currently closed for refurbishment, this is one to jump on as soon as it opens back up.

  • Sabor - let's head to the counter for relaxed tapas or upstairs to El Asador for a more formal Spanish dining experience

  • Sushi Tetsu - no foodie's wish list would be complete without this teeny tiny hole in the wall making an appearance. Apparently, a bit of a palaver to get a reservation for (there are only 7 seats and you have to phone them), but well worth it according to the multiple glowing reviews out there. I think sushi tastes better when you've really had to work for it, don't you?

  • Taku Mayfair - the place to go for serious sushi lovers, of which I am one. 17 courses at lunch, 20 at dinner AND a premium dinner option too. It's fish worth splashing out on.

  • The Sea The Sea Chef's Table - there's very few things that would make me travel to Hackney, but a seat at this stunning chef's table is absolutely one of them. Rave reviews of some of the boldest, most progressive fish cooking in London has me gasping at the gills to visit

  • Umu - Can you really claim to be a London escort if you haven't been to Umu? It's another one that I can't believe I haven't made it to yet, and we best remedy that quickly before my professional girlfriend licence is rescinded.

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