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A Much Needed Catch Up

My good friend Abigail Lexington and I joke that every London companion's latest blog post or newsletter starts with 'So sorry it's been so long'... We all live these wonderfully full and busy lives, and sometimes it is a little tricky to keep up with the admin side of things. Besides, when you're whisked off to beautiful dinners and exotic locales, who wants to sit down and do admin anyway?

But here I go again: so sorry it's been so long! In fact, it's been so long that I hadn't even realised how few posts I have been uploading. And newsletters most certainly have ground to a standstill. This has been an incredibly exciting year for me. As many of you know from following me on Twitter this year I embarked on a new foray into education, pursuing my MA in English Literature. Many lovely gentlemen and gorgeous colleagues alike forewarned me that it was going to be an all-consuming endeavour, but ever the time optimist I thought I could keep up with everything.

So, here we are. My last update was in December and it is now June. Oops! Obligatory photo of me making out with the aforementioned Abby to make up for it below...

Blonde woman and redhead woman in black lingerie with stockings on rooftop kissing

The good news is that my assignments are now all completed and I am available to be distracted from nervously awaiting results. My Mondays and Tuesdays are freed up again, and I have far more availability for summer romances. Perhaps we could enjoy the beautiful weather with a beautifully curated Dukes picnic in St James' Park, a summer escape to the glorious British countryside, or maybe you're in need of some true beachy R&R with a glamorous (but slightly dorky) GFE escort like me? I'm at my best when I'm in a swimsuit after all!

Redhead woman in green swimsuit by pool

As always, my diary does tend to book up fairly quickly, so if you'd like a summer fling in London or further afield I highly suggest getting in touch sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I promise to do my very best to keep you up to date with my summer escapades. Last year's summer will be tough to beat, but I've never been one to shy away from a challenge 😉

Cassie x


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