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An Ode to Summer

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Oh Summer 2022, what a summer you have been. Not to sound like a broken record, but I really do seem to live a life touched by luck and glitter. Something I felt deeply this summer with all the wonderful dates and adventures I had. As an ode to this golden summer, I thought I would share a few of the amazing experiences I am incredibly grateful for...

Making Friends At the Wetland Centre

Quite possibly one of the most wholesome dates I've ever been on, my indulgent suitor was privy to me in full Disney princess mode making new feathered friends. It was also a perfect time for my prior membership of the Young Ornithologists Club to shine (now there's a deeply nerdy revelation for you!) Sadly, I wasn't able to smuggle out a goose, but I suppose there's always another time...

Dreamy Spa Dates

Let's be honest, is there really anything better than the pure indulgence of a couple's spa day? I, unsurprisingly, am a very big fan of whiling away a day in a fluffy robe, lounging by a glorious pool and sharing the delights of being pampered with a massage. Heaven!

A Day In Venice

What a delightful whirlwind of a day! A charming new gentleman suitor whisked me and my dear friend Abby Lexington off to Venice for a day of art at the Biennale, cicchetti, gelato, gondolas, Aperol spritzes and mischief. The epitome of La Dolce Vita!

Oysters And Catch Ups

It seems that Bentleys Oyster Bar has become a yearly meeting spot for a certain special gent and I, and I can't complain about that. It's always such a joy to share in our mutual love of oysters and catch up on each other's lives on a balmy summer's eve.

A Magical Balloon Ride

That's another thing off the bucket list! The crack of dawn wake-up was absolutely worth it to float over the beautiful Sussex countryside in a magnificent hot air balloon. And the champagne on landing didn't go amiss either!

Summer Dreams Photoshoot

I don't know if I've gone about it quite enough yet, so indulge me in one more opportunity to talk briefly about my glorious photoshoot with the exquisite Elle Sanderson. A day jampacked with giggles and creativity, I couldn't be happier with the results. Elle and I are available for duos in late September and October - if you feel like spoiling yourself get in touch.

Birthday Celebrations

Something else I'm not sure I mentioned...please excuse the dripping sarcasm! Thank you to all who sent me fabulous birthday gifts, took me out to celebrate and sent thoughtful birthday wishes. I am one lucky little lioness and my heart is very full.

End Of Summer Picnic

Finally, I rounded off this summer with a sublime picnic with some old and new friends. One of the greatest joys of this industry is the amazing, beautiful, intelligent women I've had the opportunity to meet. The love and support these friends give really is unmatchable. What a way to celebrate a fabulous summer!

Summer has slipped away from us, leaving me, and I hope the gentlemen I have been fortunate to share it with, with treasured memories. Now as the weather shifts and the leaves start to turn, I look forward to new and exciting adventures this autumn. I can already see cosy knits, welly boots and wine by the fireplace on the horizon...


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