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An adventure begins...

It's been approximately 8-years since I've written a blog post alongside an independent identity. I say I wrote it, but the girl of 8-years ago seems like a long-forgotten dream, a personality I've since shed like the skin of a snake. She was so young, so fresh, the doe-eyed ingenue sneaking out of her university dormitories in pursuit of a life less ordinary. In making this website I tried her name on once again, rolled her consonants around my tongue and spat her back out again. She doesn't fit anymore.

And why should she? If there's anything I've learned from growing up it's that we...well...we grow up. We shift. We evolve. Or at least I would hope to think so, because who wants to stay the same?

I'm not new to this thrilling double life, but I certainly feel reborn. An intrepid explorer stepping out onto the tundra once more. A shapeshifter within the industry, I've gone from independent to agency and now back to independent again. I've left this line of work numerous times to pursue other ventures, and yet there's an underlying humming gravitational pull that draws me back time and time again. The temptation to step through the looking glass into Wonderland is irresistible to me.

Cassandra isn't new to me. She's been my agency nom de Guerre for quite some time, and unlike my previous independent persona, I just couldn't let her go. She is too true to me and who I really am. True to the woman I have become over the past 8 years. A woman ready for new delights, new friends and new experiences.

And so, just like that, an adventure begins...

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