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Birthday Reflections

It's a stunning summer's day and I have found myself with a quiet moment on my birthday to sit and reflect on the last year of life. Right now you can find me seated in my shady cottage garden in a spot of dappled sunlight. Breakthrough sunbeams are warmly kissing my face and glistening in the highlights of my hair. Above me, the green canopy reveals patches of the brilliant blue sky, while the gentle breeze ruffles through the leaves. The only sounds to be heard are the birds singing their summer songs, the hum of bees going about their duties, and my dog occasionally munching on plants I'd rather he didn't. The jasmine I treated myself to as a birthday present to myself is flowering and gently scenting the air.

I've come a long way in the past year, a large majority of that thanks to my life as an escort. I have been able to create a sanctuary for myself (and my precious pooch too, of course) in my little cottage in the woods. And I've also been able to craft and curate a life of adventure that I previously couldn't even dream of. In the last year, I have met the most incredible people, colleagues and clients alike, who have enriched my life with joy, passion and abundance. It has been a year of personal discovery, spiritual growth, laughter and hedonism. It has been a year of living life on my own terms in exactly the way I want to. Isn't that the most wonderful thing?

So, this year, when I'm celebrating - hopefully with copious amounts of champagne - I am going to be raising a glass to just how far I have come. I've never feared getting older, only the possibility of remaining stagnant as time passes by. This year I can celebrate wholeheartedly, safe in the knowledge that I have achieved so many of my goals. Knowing that I have grown as a person and as a companion. I hope you will join me in raising a glass to that, and to the many more exciting, soul-enriching things to come as I look forward to the next year. Here's to this adventure called Life.


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