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London's Best Bathtubs

If you have spent any time at all perusing my website and social media, I am sure you will have quickly realised that I have rather a penchant for bubble baths. In my humble opinion, I just don’t think there is a better way to unwind and relax than in a steaming hot tub filled to the brim with deliciously scented bubbles and a glass of wine or champagne in hand. I also find sharing a bubble bath incredibly intimate and romantic.

So, it comes as no surprise then, I am sure, that I have curated a few of my absolute favourite bathtubs in London. Why don’t we fill up at that tub, grab our fluffy robes and get ready to kick back and unwind together for the evening? Sounds like heaven to me.

I love everything about the Mandrake Hotel - it is so wonderfully opulent. And thankfully, the bathrooms live up to all my expectations. Marble-set baths in the rooms are oh-so-chic and inviting. Then who can resist the roll-top freestanding baths in the Junior Suites, or the one taking centre-stage in the bedroom of the Mandrake Suite (out of the tub and rolling straight into the four-poster bed? Yes please) But for true bath time nirvana, indulging in the Penthouse Suite is the only way. The beautifully dramatic square marble jacuzzi tub is overlooked by a retractable glass roof for a decadently romantic night under the stars. Pure bliss.

PS. It's big enough for six people so why don't we invite some friends. It would be rude not to share...

I am more than a little bit obsessed with the bathtub that takes pride of place in the Grand Regent Suite. There’s just something about a freestanding tub that makes my heart go all aflutter. Sumptuous but simply elegant in design, this marble tub is perfectly oversized so there’s room for both of us. Why don’t we get the butler to fill her up while we’re out to dinner?

If a little bit of eccentricity is your cup of tea, then we must make it a matter of utmost priority to stay at the Portobello Hotel. And most definitely in one of the Signature Rooms. Let’s make sure to request the room with the circular bed as it is accompanied by the most wonderful, golden free-standing bathtub. It’s wonderfully lavish and over-the-top while still maintaining a delightfully quirky cosy romantic charm.

Another one of my firm favourite overall hotels, the bathrooms at the Bvlgari are simply exquisite. The black marble bathtubs just ooze the classic Bvlgari style and I always love whiling away an hour of relaxation in them. I also am a big fan of Bvlgari’s own toiletry brand - let’s pour a whole bottle in for ultimate bubble creation.

Even better though, is the Private Onyx Suite down in the Spa. Complete with a rather spectacularly designed large hydromassage tub, we can enjoy an hour of alone time sipping champagne before being treated to a couple’s massage side by side. It honestly is the most wonderfully indulgent and relaxing way to spa that I know of.

I have extremely fond memories of the almost outrageously opulent marble and golden mosaic walled bathtub that dominates the bathroom of the Trinity Heritage Suite. If you’re after a bath with the wow factor then this is positively overflowing with it. It’s probably a bathtub that you’ll find it difficult to get me out of!

Another beautifully quirky hotel that I can’t get enough of. Eagle-eyed suitors may well have already noticed that the Jimmi Martin Penthouse Suite played host to my latest photo series. I really do love that golden cow… and the gorgeous, sweeping bathtub too! There’s plenty of room for two and the mirrored wall backing it is just begging for some voyeuristic fuelled mischief too.

Very much on my to-visit list as a bathtub connoisseur, the circular tub found in the bathroom of the Manor House Suite is simply to die for. I have been very fortunate to stay in several of the rooms at the Rosewood, but any suitor who would be kind enough to spoil me to this level of bathtime extravagance is sure to make my pulse quicken and knees go weak. Divine.

So what’s stopping us from having a romantic soak together, hey? Don’t forget to RSVP to arrange our date, and let’s light those candles, dim the lights and dive in. I simply can’t wait.


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