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The Fitness Model Versus The English Rose

I’ve had a fair few interesting exchanges recently about the photographs in my gallery. How it seems almost as if there are two different women, two different independent escorts, represented on my website - the striking super-athletic fitness model and the more classic, soft, fair-skinned English rose. Both beautiful in their own right, but decidedly different. As these conversations unfolded, each time without fail, I was asked, “so which one are you? “ My immediate answer in these situations was to explain that currently, I’m softer, a little curvier and definitely leaning into that quintessential English rose aesthetic, albeit a slightly muscular one. But on reflection, the reality is I am both.

There is a delightful duality to me that means I am neither one nor the other. I compete in a sport that means for small stretches of the year I get very lean (and hungry). The very objective is to show off the physique I have carefully crafted in the gym, and to do so requires stripping off body fat to reveal the muscles underneath. It is gruelling and all-consuming, and a feat that I am extremely proud of, as I know that not all are capable of making it to the stage. The rest of the year, I am softer. It’s simply just not possible to live a happy existence at stage lean, especially when you’re as much of a foodie as I am.

It struck me as funny because in the world of bodybuilding it is completely normal to have ‘two bodies’. You have your ‘prep’ season where you’re going all-in with your diet and cardio to get ready to step on stage. And then you have your ‘improvement season’, where your aim is to eat more, build muscle and, quite frankly, live a little. I have been so immersed in the fitness world where these two looks are so normal that it hadn’t even occurred to me that it would seem a strange dichotomy when coming back to the world of companionship.

So, how to conclude this meandering thought train? Both styles of images reflect key qualities about who I am as a person. The fitness model images exhibit my fiercely competitive nature, my discipline and my ambition, while the English rose images portray my softer, deeply feminine side, underpinned with both empathy and sensuality. To me, it is not a case of the Fitness Model versus the English Rose. Both are physical representations of who I am beneath the surface; the English Rose is the yin to my fitness model yang, seemingly antithetical yet deeply complementary and interconnected in reality.

Yes, at the moment you will physically encounter the English Rose, but spend a little time with me and you’ll soon see that her counterpart never truly leaves. I recognise that there is a highly visual element to successfully marketing yourself in this industry, and having what seems like two distinctly different ‘mes’ can be confusing. But through musings such as these, and showing you different images in different styles I hope to give you deeper insight into the multi-faceted nature of the woman I am, in all my glorious, contrary human complexity.

Cassie x

Cassandra Gray London high class escort fitness model and English rose

ps. for those of you who are visually inclined, my latest photoshoot is imminent so don't forget to follow me on Twitter , sign up to my newsletter, or check back to my gallery at the end of the month x


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