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Al Fresco April

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Spring is in the air and a relief in lockdown tedium is creeping its way towards us, along with warmer weather and longer evenings. With a little glimpse of hope on the horizon, much of this week's musings have been wrapped up in dreams of delicious food and charming company. And I'm sure I'm not alone in that respect.

Eating out, quite frankly, is one of life's greatest joys in my humble opinion. I take food very seriously and adore dinner dates with those who love to eat just as much as I do. I have sorely missed it over the past few months. So who can blame me for champing at the bit for our release out the gate and into the wild of the London foodie scene?

April showers, or no, I'm looking to feast my way through the month. From decadent sunlit brunches to romantic Lady and The Tramp style spaghetti by moonlight, I am greedy for it all. So, indulge me, as I dive into a spring of epicurean delight - if you're even nearly half as eager as I then we are sure to get along. To aid with this worthy pursuit, I've compiled a list of al fresco dining as much to help me get through these last few weeks of lockdown, as to give you some delectable date ideas...

Cassandra's Al Fresco Wishlist

Starting the Day Right: Brunch at Coq D'Argent

Is there really a better way to start the day than with mimosas and breakfast food? Well, apart from the obvious, of course. I've always loved Coq D'Argent's panoramic views and have a most definite weakness for their Devon crab tart. Treating me to brunch here would make this little foodie very happy indeed.

Al fresco brunch date at Coq D'Argent London

An Italian Aperitivo Escape: La Goccia at Petersham Nurseries

Undeniably aesthetically pleasing, La Goccia is wonderfully adept at making you feel like you're on an Italian holiday in the very heart of Covent Garden. Let's while away a late afternoon sipping aperitivo, nibbling on seasonal cicchetti and planning our Mediterranean getaway over the exquisite dolci menu.

La Goccia Covent Garden lunch date Lonon

Seafood and Eat It Diet: Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill

God, I love oysters. That's it really. That's the blurb good, old Bentley's gets. I bloody love oysters. And just seafood in general. Thankfully, the Bentley's terrace is covered and heated, so we can enjoy tucking into a shellfish platter with abandon in even the worst of British weather.

Dinner Date London Escort Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill

Sunny Lunch With A Twist: Allyu

Something a little out of the ordinary, Allyu fuses classical Peruvian cuisine with Japanese flavours. A venue I've yet to try, but has been on my 'to go' list since it popped up on the scene thanks to its intriguing and vibrant menu. It looks absolutely perfect for a spot of lunch in the sunshine next to the Regent's Canal.

Lunch Date London Independent Escort Allyu Paddington

A Firm Favourite: Dinings SW3

I probably need to go back over this post and edit how many times I've used the phrase 'firm favourite', but Dinings SW3 genuinely is one of my top restaurants of choice. Check me out using those synonyms. The little terrace truly is one of London's gems (they say hidden, but I'm pretty sure that by now we're all at least aware of it, if not yet acquainted). It's small and wonderfully cosy, a little like eating some of the best sushi ever in a friend's backgarden on an early spring evening.

Luxurious and romantic with delicious, unfussy food, there's much to love about The Garden at the Corinthia. I've happily whiled away many an evening on this glorious little terrace and I hope to spend many more evenings here in the future. Added bonus for May onwards: the Corinthia is one of my preferred hotels to stay at, making this the perfect option for us to have our fill of delicious food and then of each other on an overnight date.

Garden At The Corinthia London Overnight Escort

Of course, there are many more places to explore once London reawakens, and I am keen to explore. If you would like to help this little food adventurer broaden her horizons, I am now taking bookings for April and beyond. Simply fill in my booking form or drop me an email with a suitably tantalising dinner plan. Let's eat.

Cassandra Gray Dinner Date Escort London


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