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An overdue update: Incalls

Well, I've been really quite terrible with this whole blogging business, haven't I? When I first launched my website I solemnly swore I would churn out a post every week...I had the best of intentions. One of my 'civilian' jobs is as a freelance writer, and I like to think of myself as being a creative person when it comes to the written word. But sometimes creative dry spells hit, and writing a blog post seems the most arduous of tasks. I think my writer's block was definitely not helped by lockdown seeming to drag on and on, so I am incredibly happy to have a little more freedom again. Hopefully, having a life outside of my house will help get those creative juices flowing again!

Apology for the blog being MIA thoroughly addressed, now on to more exciting things. The much anticipated April 12th date has finally been and gone, and we are all now allowed off the naughty step and out to play again. I, of course, made my first play date at the gym and am feeling wonderfully sore from my first two days back at training. Any offers for dates to help me stretch will be much appreciated.

This post isn't just to extol the delight of being back in the gym though. Honest. I actually have two bits of important news that simply must be shared with you, lovely reader!

Important Piece of News #1:

I am now able to offer incalls in a lovely flat in South Kensington. See, I told you it was an important piece of news!

I will be delighted to host dates of 90-minutes up to 3-hours in this beautiful flat. I would please ask a minimum of 24-hour's notice to ensure the flat is available for us, some flexibility on timings may be needed but I am sure we can match up diaries! Contributions towards renting the space for our time together are appreciated but not required.

Simply head to my RVSP form or drop me an email to book. Go. What are you waiting for? Shoo. Oh wait, don't forget there's another important piece of news...

Important Piece of News #2:

I am introducing a monthly newsletter to keep you very much in the know about my shenanigans. I will be sending it out at the end of each month (no more than that, I promise I won't be bombarding you!) So what can you expect when you subscribe? A monthly roundup of what I have been up to, some blog highlights, sneak peek photos normally only available in my private gallery, and any handy updates to my availability and whereabouts just like this! The first edition will be going out at the end of April, so hurry and subscribe here.

So, there you have it. A little update from moi. If you are interested in an incall date, please do book sooner rather than later as I have limited availability left for April. And in return, I promise to be better at writing far more interesting musings. Let's see if I can stick to that once a week goal shall we...


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