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Celebrating Leo Season

Taken from my August Newsletter - if you're not signed up yet, why not?!

I am sure it comes as no surprise at all that August is my favourite month - it's time to celebrate my birthday!

I have always loved birthdays (how very Leo of me) and love drawing mine out over the entire month. August is full of fun memories of garden parties, dressing up, cake and later in life lots of champagne. This year the weather doesn't seem to be playing ball so far, but my eternal optimism is shining brightly as I celebrate another spin around the sun with lots of barbecues and outdoor country pub dates with friends. I hope to have many celebratory dates with lovers too and my diary is already filling up fast.

Seeing as it's my birthday, I thought you might indulge me as I collate a few of the ways this little Leo loves to celebrate. So crack open the champagne and let's get to it!

Leo Love #1: Dinner & Romance

It's no secret that I love a dinner date. Any time of the year, but especially if it's to celebrate my birthday too. I was lucky enough to be taken out for an early birthday treat to one of my all-time favourite London al fresco haunts, Bentleys, and I'm hoping for many more nights this month indulging in beautiful food, rosé champagne and delightful company.

I am a complete foodie and it's most definitely the best way to my heart. High on my extensive 'To Visit' list currently are...

*An evening of pure romance in the sparkling conservatory at Clos Maggiore

*Sushi in the sleek underground haunt that is Sachi at Pantechnicon

*An intimate chef's table experience at Evelyn's Table

*A dream evening for a pair of wine lovers at HIDE

*And the ultimate foodie indulgence with the six-course tasting menu at Six by Nico

Just a few ideas...I am always open to recommendations, let's get planning shall we?

Leo Love #2: Spa Days

Oh god, I love the spa. Get me in a fluffy bathrobe, play that whale song and have someone slather me in oil. I am in.

Perhaps we could indulge in a couple's spa day before continuing the pampering back at your hotel?

Or, if you would like to treat me to an indulgent day to myself, then I would love vouchers to visit the spa at The Four Seasons Hampshire.

Even better, why not join me for a night or weekend in the really is one of my favourite hotels...

Leo Love #3: My Lingerie Addiction

Honestly, it's getting out of control now...

But I just can't resist whisps of lace, the caress of silk on skin or bold strapping detailing. Beautifully crafted lingerie has my heart and soul, so I shall most certainly be treating myself this month to at least one new set. At least one...

I am always particularly lusting after Edge o' Beyond and any gift cards would be so gratefully received. And then I look forward to modelling my new set for you when we next meet and showering you with thankful kisses.

Leo Love #4: My Training

This month it was the British Bodybuilding Finals and it is fairly safe to say that the fire that drives me is well and truly lit again. I have no plans to compete until this time next year, but all that means is that I have plenty of time to make progress in my training.

On my actual birthday, you would be guaranteed to find me in my local gym, lifting heavy weights, getting on a sweat and having a little boogie and sing-a-long in between sets to some cheesy pop. The gym is just my happy place.

I am in desperate need of a new smartwatch though to help me stay on track with my goals. My FitBit is slowly falling apart on me and is not nearly as accurate as I need it to be. If you'd like to kindly sponsor my sporting endeavours with a contribution to a new Apple Watch I would be absolutely over the moon. How about some hot gym pics to say thank you?

Leo Love #5: Adding To My Library

Ah, calling it my library makes the teetering stack of books on my bedside table sound far grander!

I have been happily leaning into my bookworm inclinations over the last month and devouring books almost as quickly as I can get my hands on them. Perhaps I am being more affected by the state of the world than I realised, but I have been particularly drawn to dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction as of late.

I have raced through:

* Leave The World Behind by Rumaan Alam - highly recommend! It really captures the confusion that would more than likely ensue as the world ends around you

* Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro - deeply haunting and sad

* The Road by Cormack McCarthy - traumatising but compelling

* Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel - a glorious look at humanity, though a little too close to home at times considering it's the end of the world after a deadly virus...

And now I am taking a break with a lighter read... A Clockwork Orange. Great reading decisions being made here, Cass...

I would absolutely love more book recommendations if you have them. It doesn't need to be the end of the world type content (though I am very drawn to it still), I just want stories that I can fall into and stay with me for days after I finish them. Send me recommendations for the books that moved and haunted you, I just can't get enough of them. And get ready for the Cassandra Gray book club next time we meet!

ps. Gifts are never expected, though always very gratefully received. And be sure to follow my birthday escapades over on Twitter (and maybe Instagram if it lets me post anything!)


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