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May Availability

I don't know if you feel it too, but since the pandemic hit I feel like we've been living in some sort of distorted time warp. Time both seems to drag on unbearably slowly, and also flash by at lightning speed. Essentially, what I am trying to say is, how is it May already?!

The good news is, we survived what was apparently the coldest April in 80years. Go, team. But now have kicked off May with a rather wet and wild May Bank Holiday. Instead of pretty early summer dresses and picnic dates, I feel like we should be cosying up by the fireside still or wrapped up in furs...

Speaking of dates, I wanted to give you a little heads up on my availability this month. It's looking a little busy already and I would hate to miss out on the chance to see you. I'm incredibly fortunate to be being whisked away for an adventure towards the end of the month, which takes a good chunk of diary out of play. I do so love being whisked.

For ease, I'm going to simply list out the days I still have available. Be quick as I'm expecting them to get snapped up. As always, unhurried dates involving food are my preference. Restaurant bookings in London are still like gold dust, but I think it provides us with a wonderful opportunity to discover less well-known treasures on the foodie scene. Lunch and dinner dates, overnights and longer take priority, but I do have availability for shorter incall dates this month at my lovely South Kensington apartment too (gentle reminder that my minimum date length is 90minutes so we never feel rushed).

Available Dates:

8th May

W/C 10th May - available all week

17th May

18th May

23rd May

24th May

And that's it for May! I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be another month that goes by in a whirlwind. Especially as we see the world start to open up even more. I am full of anticipation for the adventures this month will bring, and I certainly hope some of those will be with you.


Cassie x

To arrange our rendezvous please visit my RSVP page and use the booking form there. Or, you can, of course, email me. Emails including date time, location and duration, along with your references for screening are most likely to receive a swift reply x


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